What We Do at Cat Eye Girls!

Repurpose Funky Junk into Vintage Task Masters

Cat Eye Girls begin with the idea that “it doesn’t have to be what it is” which liberates us into thinking about what "it" can be used for.

For example, a galvanized wash tub on a stand was originally used for washing clothing. Today, we have efficient front-loaders that out perform galvanized tubs and wash boards. So what could a galvanized wash tub on its original stand be used for?

  • An entryway receptacle for winter boots, hats and gloves.
  • An eye level display for 1930s quilts or 1950s tablecloths.
  • A towel dispenser for your guest bathroom that lacks cabinets.
  • A laundry basket.
  • A serve-yourself beverage dispenser at a garden party.

While we have been known to change the form of funky junk, our primary concern is with giving something obsolete a new task, a new everyday purpose without changing its form.

Our only real criteria is that "it," what we repurpose, begins with being something that is easily recognized as funky junk, retro, vintage, antique, primitive or industrial -- made prior to the 1950s. Beyond that, "it" could be anything -- a 1930s quilt, 1950s tablecloth, wooden ladder, water skis, pie safe, toaster, funky junk, rusty junk . . .

We freely share our repurposing ideas . . . see what inspires us!