cateyegirls, n. plucky recyclers and repurposers of old things


and repurposers whose "pursuit of WOW" is creating vintage task masters out of charming primitives and obsolete kits and kabootles. (get inspired)

What Cat Eye Girls Buy!

For the most part all of what we buy and market is older than 1950. Age typically determines our interest . . . and while we hand pick every single thing we buy our tastes run the gamut: Victorian to mid-century modern. All of our hearts flutter at the site of anything painted green in the 1930s!

  • Our furniture has patinas that only time and wear can create, we rarely paint or refinish.
  • Our wares typically are intended to be used . . . we like usable, not just things that sit on a shelf and look pretty.

We are always looking for:

  • Pottery
  • Vintage clothing
  • Farm equipment
  • Furniture: primitive, painted and natural wood finish
  • Garden furniture and tools
  • Depression Glass
  • Home furnishings: lamps, prints, oils
  • Wood working tools: Stanley and Bailey
  • Transportation: scooters, bicycles, tricycles, wagons
  • Horse tack: bridles, bits, breast collars
  • Baskets: hop, splint and American Indian
  • Architectural elements: corbels, door knobs and plates, 5 panel doors, screen doors, parts and pieces of old houses.
  • If it's old, we are interested :)

And, entire estates!